As a starting point, Funz is the integration of some numerical engineering tools (some that you probably have already used):

  • a pre-compilation engine: parameters cheatsheet
    • parsing/replacing variables for your simulation input files (eg. search ‘$x’ everywhere and replace by an arbitrary numerical value),
    • parsing/replacing variables formula (eg. once ‘$x’ i replaced, evaluate and replace ‘@{$x +1}’ also),
  • a loop to pre-compile different arbitrary values of ‘$x’,
  • a network protocol to send/receive pre-compiled input files on remote calculation servers,
  • an output file parser to extract interest values,
  • a driver to set up arbitrary values of ‘$x’, possibly coming from a “design of experiments” algorithm (optimization, inversion, sensitivity analysis, …). algorithm cheatsheet

Integrated simulation software (plugins)

Simulation softwares are coupled in Funz through plugins. Following are available:

Integrated design of experiments (algorithms)c

Design of experiments “drivers” are integrated in Funz as standardized ‘.R’ files by GdR MASCOT-NUM. Following are available:

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