Funz is basically composed of the main user interface (called from Python, R, Java, bash or cmd) and its backend which supports simulations launching.

Computing backend

Funz is designed to make the most of whatever computing resources you could rely:

  • Standalone : you just use your own comuter to launch simulations
  • Local network : you launch simulations on many computers within the same network or cloud subnet (Funz supports the distribution task)
  • HPC : your simulations are launch through a standard cluster management scheduler (SLURM, SGE, PBS, OAR, …)

User interface

You can use Funz through several interfaces for both Windows, OSX and Linux:

Each of these interfaces have its own requirements, in addition to Java required by Funz core itself.

As a short reminder of available commands, you can use the following cheatsheet:

Usage cheatsheet

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