Simulation on standalone computer

The simplest way to launch a simulation is to use your own computer, where you also launch Funz commands.

It is almost what is done in these demo notebooks:

  • Python: Open In Colab
  • R: Open In Colab

Assuming that the simulation software (say Modelica, our standard example) is already installed on your computer, you just have to:

  • intall Funz:
    • Python: pip install Funz, then import Funz
    • R: remotes::install_github('Funz/Funz.R'), then library(Funz)
    • bash/cmd.exe: download and unzip or
  • install simulation plugin:
    • Python: Funz.installModel('Modelica')
    • R: Funz::install.Model('Modelica')
    • bash/cmd.exe: download and unzip
  • if needed, setup simulation script ‘Funz/scripts/’ or ‘Funz/scripts/Modelica.bat’
  • start background Funz computing daemon:
    • Python: Funz.startCalculators(1)
    • R: Funz::startCalculators(1)
    • bash/cmd.exe: launch backend Funz/ or Funz/FunzDaemon.bat

You can now check that your computer is well setup by running basic example:

  • check that you well receive network Funz heartbeats: nc -lu 19001 or socat -u udp-recv:19001
  • launch basic calculation: * Python: Funz.Run(model="Modelica",input_files="samples/") * R: Funz::Run(model="Modelica",input.files="samples/") * bash/cmd.exe: ./ Run -m Modelica -if samples/ or ./Funz.bat Run -m Modelica -if samples/

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